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Highly modular

Highly accuracy

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Precision Tension Load Cells

An Entirely Modular Architecture Load cell for Great Versatility

In parallel to its most recent developments in digital controllers 4.0, REDEX Group enhances its portfolio of mechatronic solutions. The Tension control specialist offers with the WAT+ series the best of its know-how in tension force measurement to the market.

REDEX WAT+ sensor solution is based on a versatile load cell body. It’s the heart of the solution to which the various sensing accessories can be easily fit to build an accurate force tension control.

This solution also offers to the users the benefit to use their own accessories. And thus, to design it directly according to each of their particular needs (shapes and lengths, surface treatments, etc.).

There are obviously many direct applications of these new tension load cells into the markets where the REDEX group is already a reference supplier under its brand MEROBEL.

Composite, Wire and cable, Web converting, Labelling industries are thus some of the main company’s markets worldwide.

load cells series


single load cell


Narrow Web Load Cell

Narrow web load cell


Wire & Ribbon Load Cell

Wire & Ribbon load cell


Dead Shaft idler roller

Dead shaft idler roller load cell

Advanced Technology in action

WAT+ concept enables a comprehensive range of force transducers and accessories, especially designed for dynamic tension measurement of fibers, wires, and web.

WAT+ concept perfectly suits any technically very demanding applications in various high-tech industries such as, composites, wire and cable, textiles, as well as to the up-to-date packaging, labelling & finishing equipment.

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